Spanish manufacturer of paints is looking for distributors for their products in EU countries.

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Summary This Spanish company manufactures and distributes a wide range of paints, suitable for any kind of surface. Among them, they are specialists in the field of added value products, such as insulating projected cork, an eco-friendly insulating solution. They are looking for wholesalers/distributors of paints and insulation solutions in European countries. These would on sell to retail building materials and paints shops or professionals in the building/decoration sector.
Description of the offer This Spanish company has 25 years of experience in the manufacture of all sorts of paints for any kind of application and substrate: plastic paints, wall coatings, waterproofing and insulating paints, floor paints, enamels, wood paints. They are specialists in a highly demanded and very innovative product: projected cork. This product offers many solutions in a single application: it is a thermal insulator, sound absorbent, waterproofing, flexible, adherent… all of it with a decorative finish. It allows thermal insulation with a coating of only a few millimetres. They also manufacture a wide range of other innovative paint and coatings: microsphere paint, microcement, oxide effect paints, and “coarse mixed membrane” (a liquid membrane based on acrylic resins and polyurethane for waterproofing and protection). The company is very conscious about the importance of the environment; therefore most of their innovative range products are environmentally friendly solutions: their flagship is the projected cork. They have wide experience in the Spanish market and they are starting their international expansion. They would like to find distributors of paints and insulating coatings in European countries. These distributors can be perhaps wholesalers which on sale to these types of clients: paints shops, building materials shops and also paint professionals and decorators.
Advantages and Innovations These high-end range they would like to introduce in the EU countries are aimed at improving energy efficiency and are environmentally friendly. When applied in any building or construction, they allow energy saving and the building becomes more sustainable, compared to the application of other paints. When applied in any building or construction, it allows energy saving and the building becomes more sustainable, compared to the application of other paints. They are quite different from conventional products, they have an extra added value: thermal properties, insulating properties, and they are ecofriendly. The company can offer 11 years of experience, as well as some more years of previous experience of the owner in the sector, as a technical sales person for other paint companies. They offer all their expertise in paint applications on complex areas and surfaces.
Technological Keywords 02002015 Surface treatment (painting, galvano, polishing, CVD, ..)
Market Keywords 08001007 Coatings and adhesives manufactures
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought This Spanish company is looking for distributors for their products in European countries. These distributors can on sell to smaller paint retail shops and will sell directly to professional decorators, painters, constructors and other building professionals. These distributors can also sell directly to final customers if they have their own retail network (for example, DIY centers, home centers, building materials megastores).
Date of creation 02.04.2018
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