Spanish plastic modular roofing system manufacturer seeks roofing distributors in Europe

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Summary A Spanish company specialized in manufacturing of roofing system made of recycled materials and nanotechnology, is seeking roofing distributors in different EU countries. Features: light material 7.9 kg/m2, 100% PVC-free, recyclable, access to natural light where necessary, no maintenance, resistant to extreme weather conditions and easily walkable. The distributors would sell it to roofing installers and construction companies for building-refurbishment and new construction.
Description of the offer The Spanish family business originated 17 years ago in Costa Rica, where the first plastic tile was manufactured and marketed and from which they have received their experience. R&D activities later improved product performance. Conceived as a substitute for the classic clay and ceramic tile, but without its drawbacks, the design and composition of the modular roof tile system allows lightening the roof structure, avoiding the application of waterproofing and insulating extra materials and making its installation easier. Being made from recycled materials and composite polymers, it is 100 % PVC-free and fully recyclable, consequently being ecological. Among its range of colours, the company has the translucent tiles letting natural light where required, providing clarity in the darkest areas of the house. Note that this product is also maintenance-free because of its non-porous composition which prevents the accumulation of moss; it cleans itself with rain or snow regardless of the roof inclination. Among its many qualities, resistance stands out since it can defy extreme weather and climate conditions, such as high and low temperatures, hail or even earthquakes, maintaining its thermal and sound insulation and without suffering any damage. Furthermore, given its flexibility, the surface is totally walkable and returns to its natural shape without cracking or fading, even if run over with a car; proof of its resistance is 20-year warranty, although its lifetime can be of 50 years or more. On the latter, its patented anchor system conceal screws assuring the roof aesthetics and avoid possible filtrations through the screws. Need no mortar, cement, staple...etc. only screws. The company is already carrying out international operations in USA, Poland, Costa Rica, Perú with final users and constructors. The company is seeking a distributor whose aim would be to distribute the roofing system to specialized roofing installers and construction companies mainly for housing refurbishment and new housing construction. Its qualities allow time and cost savings in materials, installation and maintenance as well as being environmentally friendly which in medium-term will be essential in construction sector. Likewise, the product is very applicable in outdoor porches and cattle and pig farms thanks to the advantages it generates: reduction of the sound of the patter of rain, directly affecting to the animal general condition, and has no corrosion effect produced by faeces and urine.
Advantages and Innovations Among its multiple advantages: attractive finish with image of classical tiles and concealed screws, hail resistance, flexible for modern structures with curves or movement, resistance to any type of weather conditions or changes, while maintaining its thermo-acoustic quality, no maintenance needed since it does not rust and cleans up with rain or snow. The material being so light (7.9 kg/m² compared to 44 – 50 kg/m² of traditional tiles), not having to apply waterproof and insulating layers in the roof structure and the patented anchorage allow cost savings in materials and 70% of time savings in installation. It offers the possibility of installing translucent roof allowing the access to natural light in the required area and last but not least, its composition of recycled materials and nanotechnology prevents and delay its ageing effects. Furthermore, this modular system has a 20-year warranty which assures the preservation of its properties, although its lifetime can reach almost 50 years. When pieces are manufactured, they generate 50% less CO2 than regular clay or ceramic products.
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Type and Role of Partner Sought The company is looking for a distributor of building materials specialized in roofs, with experience, who is interested in introducing an innovative and sustainable roofing system into his/her product range. The distributor’s aim will be the sale of the product to specialized roofing installers and construction companies both for building refurbishment and new construction.
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