Spanish SME dedicated to the handmade elaboration and production of dry persimmon to consume as a snack or dessert is looking for distributors or sales agents.

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Summary SME from Spain produces natural and manual dry khaki. Its khaki production is partly dedicated to the fruit market and the rest to drying it following the Japanese tradition. They are interested in finding distributors or sales agents for its product in the European Market.
Description of the offer It is a Spanish company that produces and manufactures khaki according to Japanese tradition. It is a traditional Asian food product, of high quality and nuts. Each fruit is peeled by hand before drying. It takes several weeks a month to dry the persimmon, then the fruit is tied at the end of a rope with 2 khakis per rope, after 4-7 days massaging the persimmon by hand to break the fibers, then the dried fruit for another period of 4-7 days, the massage can continue at least once a day to ensure the best quality. Through the drying process, the colour of the fruit changes from orange to brown. The natural sugars that reach the surface of the fruit give the nut a white powdery appearance; then the fruit will get a soft, chewy texture. They have been producing these fruits for more than 4 years following this method that respects the environment and traditions. Dry persimmon can be applied in different sectors due to its qualities: in the vegetarian food sector, as a complement for sportsmen and women, in the Horeca sector (Hotels/Restaurants/Caffe), eating as an aperitif or dessert, and also creating new products such as bread, pâté and sauces.They are looking for a distributor or commercial agent with extensive experience in the European market to introduce their products in the delicatessen- gourmet sector. From next year onwards its production will be certified as an organic product, which can also be considered interesting for a future distributor. It is a high quality product produced 100% in Spain, which makes them a competitive company in price and customer service
Advantages and Innovations Their products are manufactured and made in Europe, in a handmade and sustainable method. Their prices are competitive and can be used both as a snack and as an accompaniment to other dishes, so its applications are different.
Copyright Trade Marks
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought They are looking for a product distributor or sales agent with wide coverage in the European Market to introduce their products into a new market. Wide experience in the distribution of quality food products and organic products to promote their products on the European market.
Date of creation 11.04.2018
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