Specialised cybersecurity company is looking for commercial partners in Europe for commercial agency and services agreements.

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Summary Spanish cybersecurity company with CERT (Certified Computer Security Incident Handler) certificate and its own SOC (security operations centre), is looking for commercial partners all around Europe to create a commercial network. Cooperation sought is in form of commercial agency and services agreements.
Description of the offer The Spanish company is specialised in cybersecurity, with a highly trained and diversified Tiger Team of experts with over 16 years experience. The company is a security partner that cares about its customers and provides a personalised service covering the complete spectrum of information security. Main services are: - Pentesting. Also known as an intrusion or hacking test, it consists of trying to find security flaws in a computer system, website or server by performing controlled attacks such as an attacker would. - Forensic computer reports. A report made by a forensic expert by analysing a system that has been compromised or that has been used for some illicit activity. - Vulnerability analysis and management, with the aim to find, identify and remedy vulnerabilities in information systems. - Hardening. The hardening or strengthening of computer systems or mobile devices to make them safe and resistant to attacks. - Security audits. Systems are audited looking for design and implementation errors. - Incident response. The objective of this service is to respond in the fastest possible time and in the most effective way to any security incident, thus enabling us to neutralize the threat and restore the system to working order - SOC and consultancy services. - Stress test and analysis of resilience. A system is attacked and at the same time, its behaviour is analysed to know how it would respond to a real attack and improve its resistance and performance. - Malware analysis. Given a sample of malware, its behaviour is analyzed in a controlled environment to determine its scope and provenance. - Cyberintelligence. It allows collecting information from several different sources in order to analyse, evaluate and in this way find information that otherwise would not be possible. - Reversing. It allows to analyse a sample of software to know its behaviour and determine its functionality. The cooperation desired is finding commercial partners (commercial agency) to reach customers in Europe and services agreements to long-term clientele.
Advantages and Innovations Advantages: all competitors are bigger companies with prices much higher for the same services. For this reason, the business opportunity is broad.
Technological Keywords 01 ELECTRONICS, IT AND TELECOMMS
01003009 Data Protection, Storage, Cryptography, Security
01006005 Network Technology, Network Security
02009022 Security systems
02010001 Planning and security
Market Keywords 02 COMPUTER RELATED
Type of Partnership Required Services Agreement
Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought Type of partner: multinationals, government, small and medium companies, official state organisations and law enforcement agencies. Cybersecurity product manufacturers. The role of the partner is 1) provide customers in Europe (commercial agency) and 2) companies in the need of the high-level cybersecurity services mentioned in the description (services agreement).
Date of creation 26.04.2018
Profile type Business offer
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