Spirit artisanal distillery looking for rhum and (non Scottish) whisky suppliers

Center name Тестовый центр
Summary A French artisanal distillery and spirit maker is looking for rhum and whisky suppliers for an outsourcing supplying agreement. Their interest is to use their methodology for maturing the spirit and produce their own premium product.
Description of the offer The artisanal company specialised in maturing techniques in oak barrel, is diversifying the supply of non matured or young matured spirits. The aim is to mature the spirit according to its own methodology and sell it under its brand. For this purpose, the company is looking for rhums and whiskies from medium-high or premium series which are either non matures (white alcohol) or less than 3 year maturation. They are interested by the supply of 1000 liters per year minimum. The partner sought should be able to supply the spirit (rhum or whisky) according to this requirements. As they already have supplying agreements with Scottish whisky companies, they are exclusively looking for non Scottish suppliers for whiskies and for any country for rhums.
Market Keywords 07003001 Wine and liquors
Type of Partnership Required Outsourcing Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought Type : distillery with premium whiskies (non Scottish) or rhums able to provide a competitive advantage (either historically reknown or new qualitative method) Role : supplying 1000 liters per year of whisky/rhum under outsourcing supplying agreement Whiskies or rhums should be of a premium positioning. The partner sought should be a distillery which is reknown for its history or which can provide a competitive advantage in terms of products or methods.
Date of creation 06.04.2018
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