System and method of control for auto-regulated traffic lights

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Summary Spanish researchers from an Information and Communication Technologies research group of a University have developed a self-managing system capable of making decisions by itself. It does not require a centralized computer system what reduces drivers´ average waiting time at road intersections. They look for Information and Communication Technologies Companies and Research Institutions to develop the device to reach a license agreement or research/technical cooperation.
Description of the offer Researchers from a Spanish Technical University have developed a device which is a self-managing system capable of making decisions by itself and it is able to estimate the real state of the traffic at a road intersection. This device is able to manage the traffic light times that regulate the intersection without external help or additional data. By means of this control system for self-regulated traffic lights it is possible to reduce drivers´ average waiting time at a road intersection, and therefore to reduce the emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere. The control system for self-regulated traffic lights comprises: - A first subsystem of traffic data acquisition comprising means for knowing the number of vehicles and occupants of vehicles. Therefore, it is known not only the traffic density but the density of persons in real-time, which may affect and is a great differentiator with respect to other proposals. - A second optimization subsystem that appropriately adjusts the cycle times and the different phases that configure the traffic lights that regulate the intersection by means of a probabilistic method able to predict if there is an incipient congestion and to act before it in an autonomous way. - A third wireless communication subsystem between intersections, resulting in a system not only autonomous but also distributed for the regulation of traffic in a city. Current research interests of the research group include intelligent systems and security provisioning in telecommunications networks, as well as Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of user Experience (QoE). Researchers are mainly looking for Information and Communication Technologies Companies and Research Institutions to develop the device by License Agreement of the patent. The research group is also interested in all kind of Research and/or Technical Cooperation Agreement to develop this device and the research results obtained to achieve license agreement and research/technical cooperation agreement.
Advantages and Innovations The device reduces drivers´ average waiting time at a road intersection, at the time it reduces the emission of gaseous pollutants into the atmosphere. Among the advantages over other alternatives are a much lower processing load than other proposals with equal or higher efficiency, which facilitates their implementation and deployment in real systems, and the ability to self-adjust without the need for human intervention, or with a minimal intervention from an operations center.
Technological Keywords 01006001 Audiovisual Equipment and Communication
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01006013 Communications Protocols, Interoperability
Market Keywords 01004001 Local area networks
01004002 Data communication components
01004003 Communications processors/network management
01004004 Protocol converters and emulators
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Type of Partnership Required License Agreement
Technical cooperation agreement
Research cooperation agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The University is interested in companies working in the fields of Telecommunication Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Networks, Wireless Networks, Quality of Service, Security, IoT, and Education. The aim of the collaboration is to further develop the device and to bring it to the market as well as to collaborate in specific research projects. Information and Communication Technologies companies or research institutions are of interest too with the objective of developing research results and to collaborate to bring results to the market. Research and technical cooperation agreements as well as license agreements are sought.
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