The first Jordanian art incubator is looking for marketing agents in the European markets for their unique products and partnership with interested counterparts in art to develop new programs

Center name Тестовый центр
Summary A Jordanian group of youth started a project in 2015 as an incubator for art and the only one in Jordan. The incubator aims to gather the artists in one platform so they can have the space, the facilities and the opportunity to be more creative individually or with other artists. The hub is looking to establish international partnerships especially with the EU, to expose their product to the external market through commercializing agent agreement.
Description of the offer A Jordanian group of youth designed a project in 2015 to support the art of innovation, design and painting in a style of processions of the age and team working hand in hand with effective efforts to provide art in a manner that is key for the development and prosperity. The incubator aims to provide an environment for artists where they are trusted in their ability to innovate, also to provide community awareness about art by linking the local community with the various programs, for example they are integrating art with education for its innovative role in raising individual abilities through school programs and training courses in the first level, in the second level they prepare active participants for exhibitions, bazaars and festivals. Their products aims to offer innovation, design, painting and comprehensive management of the artistic side. The products and work ranges from artistic and manual, which includes the field of innovation, design, decoration and all the artist's needs of paintings, tools and technical advices. Their approach is to prepare a manual to a development program that highlights the “learn through art” technique. The Jordanian incubator links art to education through training courses and school programs that contribute to the development of children's mental abilities, which includes: - Providing an environment for art to implement and create effective programs which opens the door for the early talented artists. - Having an inspiring and friendly space to extend their imagination and focus on the importunity of the art in the development arch for the human benefits and civilizations. In their start, they had an idea to create a team dedicated to improve the skills for the newcomers and have a contribution on the capacity building for the juniors’ team. The art of cheerfulness: Is a program that has been implemented in schools that works on teaching children the art to help them highlight their creative abilities and develop their behavioral side and makes teaching staff able to understand the mental orientation of the child and invest correctly The incubator is a hub of unique products made by the artists involved, and they are looking to expand this art into business career by partnering with interested counterparts especially from Europe as Europe has been always the largest hub for artists over the history. This partnership could be a commercial agency agreement to commercialize the artistic products.
Advantages and Innovations They are the first hub in Jordan catering for artists, by motivating them through: -Helping her/him to expose their works and products to the target markets. -Keep the artist updated about all the features in the field. -Provide the community with the references and the specialized researches to help them in the art development. -Enriches the digital and tangible artistic content, helping the artist interested in reaching the goal through the launch of the website and the establishment of the permanent art exhibition, which means revitalizing the arts in public life. -Guarantees the continuity of artistic work and creativity by enriching the positive and keeping him/her informed and updated of all developments and opportunities surrounding and how to move over the challenges that the artist may face by targeting markets and develop their skills .
Current Stage of Development The incubator is an established work in the art field, in its way to register and find a location and financier.
Technological Keywords 11006 Citizens participation
11009 Creative products
Market Keywords 09004008 Other manufacturing (not elsewhere classified)
Type of Partnership Required Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The incubator is looking to building partnerships with sectors interested in the arts and developing them on the one hand and with those interested in marketing unique art products in the European market on the other hand. They are also interested to build partnerships with international organizations that are interested in implementing psychological support projects through the arts in different regions of the Kingdom.
Date of creation 27.04.2018
Profile type Business offer
Profile openness to interact N
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