The UK company is offering thermochemical conversion technology to convert asbestos waste into non-hazardous substance under a licensing agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance

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Summary The UK company which works in the area of thermochemical conversion technology (“TCCT”) to convert asbestos contaminated waste into non-hazardous aggregate in a cost-effective way, is looking for partners to purchase the technology under a licensing agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance.
Description of the offer As land values grow, the rate of landfill site closures and costs associated with disposal increase. The construction industry is generating increasing volumes of hazardous asbestos waste thus landfill disposal costs are set to escalate dramatically. Millions of tonnes of asbestos is being disposed of throughout the world every year, over 280,000 tonnes annually in the UK alone. The UK company identified that there was a gap in the market for solutions to effectively and safely dispose of asbestos. The company that has worked in the area of waste disposal since 2006 has worked with the developer of this thermochemical conversion technology (“TCCT”) and has now purchased the world wide patents for the treatment. The thermochemical treatment unit consists of a modular system including a waste preparation operational area, primary waste convertor, emission control system and a product handling system. The waste preparation system conditions the waste for introduction into the primary waste converter. In the converter, the waste is subjected to conditions that result in complete destruction of asbestos fibres in a very short period of time. The emission control system assures that the system complies with all regulatory standards and offers superior protection of the public and the environment. The volume of waste is typically reduced by 50 to 90 per cent depending upon the type of waste processed. The treated product is then discharged from the primary converter and transferred to temporary storage containers pending confirmatory analysis. The company is seeking country-based or commercial agreements with technical assistance or a licensing agreement with organisations that have the requisite operational, financial, environmental, political and legislative knowledge required to secure local operating approvals and financing for operating plants.
Advantages and Innovations The company provides a unique thermochemical conversion technology that destroys asbestos fibres and produces a non-hazardous product that can be recycled in many construction applications. The company owns the global intellectual property for this leading thermochemical conversion technology, The company are offering bespoke sublicensing agreements with territory exclusivity. The support services include training, outsourced management and labour (as required), and maintenance. The company can build static or mobile units of varying capacity. A typical 50 tonne per day unit covers a footprint of 60m by 45m.
Current Stage of Development The technology is already on the market and the company have received significant interest from potential licensees in number of countries, specifically, Netherlands, Belgium and Australia.
Technological Keywords 03001001 Cleaning Technology
03004010 Special chemicals, intermediates
Market Keywords 08001019 Speciality/performance chemicals
08004002 Chemical and solid material recycling
Copyright Patents granted
Type of Partnership Required License Agreement
Commercial agreement with technical assistance
Type and Role of Partner Sought Investors or companies with interests in investing within either the technology and/or environmental sector. Partners may also be already working in the waste disposal industry and are seeking solutions to safely dispose and recycle asbestos waste.
Date of creation 03.05.2018
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