Traditional Portuguese company offers its jams, jellies and marmalade

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Summary Portuguese producer of a range of products stretching from jellies and jams to fruit in syrup, aromatic herbs and spices to infusions of flavoured teas and dry fruits from the Region Centro of Portugal is looking for trade intermediary services for its jellies, jams and marmalade. The most popular jams and jellies are: roses, apple and orange blossom, quince and gooseberry. The Portuguese company is looking for distributors or agents.
Description of the offer In Portugal, there are several methods used to preserve the fruit in sugar, so they can be enjoyed anytime of the year, either as part of a small energy lunch in winter, either as an additional tribute and always a comforting taste of an ice cream in the summer. Despite the multitude of cooking modes, there are two primary requirements that are essential for qualitative discrimination of jams and sweets. Its main ingredients, i.e. the fruits, should be harvested at the time that nature has produced then and for each type of fruit it is essential to know their right point of sugar. Knowing both of the above characteristics, the selection of the Portuguese company decided to ban the use of any colorant or preservative and the sugar, embodying care to eliminate those undesirable reactions of the artificial compounds. In the selection of the remarkable flavors, the Portuguese company took into consideration the type of prominently indigenous fruits of this geographical area of the European continent. Apples, pears, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, oranges, kiwis, pumpkins, plums, cherries, red tomatoes and red fruits are fruits that stand out for their nutritional benefits and, above of all, for its distinctive taste. Occasionally, the Portuguese company combines them with dried fruits or spices, in order to give the final product a range of flavors of its own. The Portuguese company also worries with the packaging of jellies and jams, which are available in glass, with individual doses (net weight) of 41g or 250g. The offered product portfolio are: - Jellies: apple jellies with orange blossom, grapes with rose petals, the traditional quince jelly, blackberry and apple jam, melon and apple, tangerine, gooseberry, strawberry and raspberry, cherry and chili, among other varieties. - Jams: blueberry jam, raspberry, strawberry, red fruits, cherry, peach, apple and cinnamon, pineapple and cantaloupe, pumpkin with walnuts, plum, orange, chestnut, fig with black olive, fig with green olive, fig, red tomato, mango and Papaya, pear, pear and chili, white cherry, cherry and chocolate, and kiwi. - Marmalade: pear marmalade, apple, apple and nuts, chestnut, and typical quince. The company is looking for distributors, agents or representatives to establish commercial agency agreements and/or distribution services agreements.
Advantages and Innovations The Portuguese company ensures a specific quality, differentiated, linked to geographical origin and traditional know-how and, on the other hand, the use of natural ingredients in essential quantities to strengthen the respective flavours and aromas. The products are all 100% handmade and natural. The production techniques used are the ancestors, giving the range of these products the security for centuries and decades, keeping them in the market, trying to please their customers and simultaneously contributing to a healthy and balanced diet. The prices of the jellies and jams are below the average.
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08002003 Safe production methods
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Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The Portuguese company is looking for trade intermediary services for its jellies and jams. The partners sought are distributors or representatives to establish commercial agency agreements and/or distribution services agreements.
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