UK-based augmented reality company is looking for commercial partners

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Summary The UK-based company specialises in life-sized human holograms through a smartphone application. The interactive technology offers enterprises and the public a unique opportunity to showcase their stories, fashion, or personal communication. The company is looking for commercial partners in the UK, Europe and beyond to trial their technology and establish working relationships via commercial agency agreement.
Description of the offer The UK-based company combines their deep knowledge and research in augmented-reality, artificial intelligence, and strong software capabilities into projecting high definition, life-sized human holograms. With their proprietary smartphone application, the technology is accessible to everyone. There are a number of applications and industries where the technology can be deployed. For example: - Broadcasting: journalists or other storytellers working in remote fields can be filmed live and have their life-sized hologram directly transmitted to targeted? audience, making the story-telling more informative and engaging. - Fashion and retail: fashion brands can showcase their latest trends through augmented reality. This is particularly disruptive for online fashion retailers, where customers will have the unique chance to see the creation up close with the finest details. Customers will also have an opportunity to see real-time runway show at the convenience of their own space through life-sized hologram. - Training: the hologram offering can reduce enterprises' training cost significantly. The trainer's hologram can be projected in real time as the training/workshop goes on, offering businesses real tangible benefits. The company is looking for commercial partners to trial their technology, provide user feedback, and establish working commercial partnerships.
Advantages and Innovations The company’s technology of filming human and projecting them into life-sized hologram is a world-first. In addition, by simply using a smartphone device, everyone can use the technology with minimal data usage, turnaround time, and processing power. It is a true viable commercial solution for businesses to harness and begin engaging their customers in a captivating way. The company has already generated lots of interest in the fashion retail space with collaborations with some big players in the industry. The company also generated positive media attention, the CEO is regularly interviewed or invited to speak at events by high-impact journals, and magazines.
Market Keywords 01001001 Radio and TV broadcasting stations
01001004 Other commercial communications
07004001 Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)
Type of Partnership Required Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The company is looking to partner up with industry players that wish to engage with their customers in a captivating way. The company is specifically looking for partners in the below sectors: - Fashion (runways, online retailers, department stores); - Broadcasting (TV, digital journals/ magazines); - Online training organisations. - Any other enterprises that could benefit from augmented reality with life-sized human hologram projections.
Date of creation 04.05.2018
Profile type Business offer
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