UK based education immersion, guardianship and placement organisation seeks agents through a commercial agency agreement

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Summary A UK company that delivers a full suite of education/study abroad experiences for international pupils would like to expand its network of agents through commercial agency agreements.
Description of the offer This UK education service provider offers a complete range of immersion experiences, guardianship, homestay accommodation with host families, excursions, application support for prospective students, and corporate/student group education and cultural visits. The company takes a meticulous highly tailored approach to meet and exceed the expectations of all its stakeholders including: students, parents, schools, universities, host families, agents and the local community. This desire for quality is based on the first-hand experiences of this company’s senior management and staff, as international students studying abroad themselves and as the host family and guardian of a student. The company has a had a number of successful commercial agency agreements and would like to develop more long term collaborations this way to increase its access to markets.
Advantages and Innovations The company feels that the following characteristics differentiate them from other providers: -A comprehensive network of partnerships with high performing schools, universities and education providers throughout the UK -The majority of institutions worked with are Ofsted or independently rated as “Good” or “Outstanding” schools -Two decades of experience and satisfied students, parents, host families, schools, universities and agents. -The company is AEGIS accredited and only works with British Council homestay accredited families -Extensive in-house language skills including Mandarin Cantonese and Russian -The ability to respond to tailored learning goals, desired cultural experiences and provide an experience that ranges from a total immersion, through to an environment with a strong supportive connection to a native culture with comprehensive pastoral support.
Market Keywords 07005004 Education and educational products and materials
07005005 Travel agencies and services
Type of Partnership Required Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The company typically work with schools and education agents using documented terms that start at 10% of the year one contracts value. These terms are open to negotiation as the UK education services want to develop trusting long-term partnerships, that allow everyone to exceed the expectations of students, help them reach their greatest potential and enrich their lives.
Date of creation 10.05.2018
Profile type Business offer
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