UK based SME has developed a unique device to apply pressure to scalp wounds is seeking partnerships through a commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement

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Summary A UK based company has designed and developed a unique PVC medical device and headband used to apply pressure to scalp wounds. It is an innovative compression concept based on evacuation of air from a small device allowing the medical expert to take medical history and complete an assessment without the need for an extra pair of hands. They are looking for agents and distributors through commercial agency agreements and /or distribution services agreements.
Description of the offer This SME has designed and developed a device that is used to apply pressure through an absorbent gauze to constrict the flow of blood from a scalp wound to allow for haemostasis. The supplied headband is used to locate and hold the device in place whilst the pressure is being applied. This allows for the medical or non-medical person to take a full detailed assessment without the need for a second pair of hands, The instruction for applying this device are simple and easy to understand. It can be used by medical and non skilled individuals in an emergency situation in order to stem bleeding and reduce swelling. The device can be applied to the wound and pressure applied . The pressure can then be released in order to inspect the wound for debris or fractures. They are looking for commercial agents and /or distributors who are knowledgeable in the healthcare sector and have contacts within the NHS equivalents in other overseas markets.
Advantages and Innovations Traditional bandage technique against this device:- -bandages take time, inconsistent application dependant on skill, does not maintain pressure over time , bleeding through, poor outcome and can take two people to apply depending on the severity of the incident. -This device is quick and simple to apply -Higher pressure can be applied to the wound improving haemostasis, -Provides a constant pressure to the wound without having to loosen -Allows for easy inspection or redressing of the wound site -single user application. -Allowing for other tasks to be carried out such as patient assessment.
Technological Keywords 06001007 Emergency medicine
Market Keywords 05004002 Rescue and emergency equipment
05004004 Medical instruments
05005013 Emergency medicine
05007001 Disposable products
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Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought This UK based company are seeking partners through a commercial agency agreement or a distribution services agreement. Partners would need to be knowledgeable in the healthcare sector. The SME's aim is to target NHS equivalents, ambulance services, first aid organisations. Companies that can influence authorities and make this device mandatory for every hospital and medical centre.
Date of creation 11.04.2018
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