UK Company providing bespoke health and safety programs in extreme environment is offering its services under a services agreement

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Summary UK health and safety training company is offering to design and deliver bespoke health and safety courses in extreme environments under a services agreement with either public or private sector companies directly who require their teams to have such training or organisations representing these organisations who arrange training in extreme environments.
Description of the offer This UK health and safety training company was established in 2011 and has built good contacts across the globe in some of the most inaccessible countries. The company is recognised as an experienced provider of training to government departments and embassies abroad who want to ensure that their teams are able to recognise and act on threats and take appropriate action to protect themselves or to assist any colleagues or members of the public who may suffer an injury as a result of this. The range of courses run by the company is wide covering paediatric first aid, workplace first aid, first aid for police officers, hostile environments training, automated external defibrillator, fire safety, schools first aid training and travel health courses. The company has also worked with a number of industries to develop bespoke first aid training courses, such as media first aid training courses which includes First Aid on Remote Locations and is happy to develop bespoke schemes to fit the requirement of potential partners. The company is looking to work with partners and or end users who have connections with or are government departments who are sending staff into hostile enviroments, embassies, companies with offices overseas who wish to establish best practice in establishing a standard for health and safety in their oganisations under a services agreement.
Advantages and Innovations The company has experience in delivering training in some of the most hostile and extreme environments across the globe the types of organisations for whom it has delivered a variety of health and safety based training include: BBC Earth team, British embassy teams abroad, particularly Nigeria, Lebanon, and Dubai. The team are all ex-forces qualified which gives credibility to the company’s ability to deliver custom built courses in some of the most difficult and inhospitable areas unlike many of its competitors. The company work to British standards which are still perceived to be the standard to which other third world countries which to adhere to. The company will design and deliver bespoke health and safety programs to meet clients requirements.
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Type of Partnership Required Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The team have worked with government departments and international organisations as well as commercial businesses globally which includes the oil and gas sector. The company is either looking to partner directly with end users or with supply chains who supply in services to these types of organisations.
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