UK fabricator of Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment seeks European distributors for a distribution services agreement.

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Summary This London-based company with headquarters in Singapore assembles and commissions a wide variety of HVAC custom-made products and is the leading producer of chillers in Singapore. They are looking for distributors of industrial products in Europe for a distribution services agreement.
Description of the offer Founded in 1984, the fabricator of HVAC equipment has succeeded in the Asian market and has now established their European headquarters in London with the aim to expand into the European market. They manufacture bespoke HVAC equipment including: - Heat Recovery Units, used to recover waste heat for reheating - Durable and compact mini chillers - Inverter-driven efficient modular chillers - Heat Pumps with a high co-efficiency performance compared to conventional electrical heaters The company seeks a distributor of industrial products in the European market. The distribution agreement would allow the company to develop a close partnership with the distributor and work towards offering an improved product to their clients. The UK company would customize their chillers in order to compliment the partner's machinery, resulting in increased offer to customers at a more competitive price.
Advantages and Innovations The company offers customizable engineering solutions on heating & cooling and humidity control equipment to integrate in the partner's machinery, which will further enhance their equipment. Moreover, the company provides reliable and efficient HVAC solutions to industries with a focus on technological innovation. With the constant drive to improve its products in terms of efficiency and affordability, the company provides sustainable solutions with a high environmental performance. The company currently holds industry standard certifications namely ISO 9001:2008, ISO 18001.2007 OHSAS 18001:2007 and Bizsafe Star.
Market Keywords 08003007 Other industrial equipment and machinery
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The company is looking for a distributor of industrial machinery that would use the HVAC equipment to complement their products. These include (not limited to) dairy processing, confectionery, food and drink processing, plastics, metals, pharmaceutical etc.
Date of creation 26.03.2018
Profile type Business offer
Profile openness to interact Y
Profile from EEN Y

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