UK food packaging design company is looking for a supplier of coffee barrista box

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Summary UK food packaging design company is looking to establish an outsourcing agreement with a manufacturing company who could produce a large take away coffee box.
Description of the offer The well-established UK packaging design agency is supplying packaging in the convenience food sector. They are looking for a partner who could design and supply large take away coffee boxes that could be filled with hot coffee, very popular & common in the USA but don’t exist in the UK market. The UK company would buy them flat packed with a bag in the box inserts with caps suitable for hot coffee. 1 litre or 2 litre sizes.
Market Keywords 07003 Food and Beverages
09004006 Packing products and systems
Type of Partnership Required Outsourcing Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The UK company is seeking to outsource the manufacture of the take-away coffee boxes. The UK packaging designer is looking to have an outsourcing agreement with a company who could meet the requirements and meet the order volumes. This kraft container keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for up to 2 hours. The attractive border print offers a professional presentation, making it great for serving hot coffee in the morning, or for chilled coffee to pour over ice in the afternoon. It's great for holding hot water for tea, and for hot chocolate, too! With this container, the bulk beverages will safely make it from operation to end destination. This box's inner bag would be pulled open and automatically inflates when the box is opened. It stores flat for space-saving convenience, yet when filled, it will hold up to 96 oz. of liquid -that's 8 (12 oz.) servings per container. With its compact design for minimal storage space, this coffee to go container is a perfect way to add bulk coffee take out to a menu. Plus, it assembles in seconds with a convenient one-piece design!
Date of creation 23.04.2018
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