UK kids clothing brand seeks partners in Europe via distribution service agreements

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Summary The UK company is specialized in designing and manufacturing of kids clothing especially play garments used in nurseries, camping, festivals etc. The company is looking for distributors mainly in Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland and Sweden)
Description of the offer A new UK based kids clothing brand who have created practical hard-wearing play garments designed to replace waterproofs and overalls. Inspired by 30 years of childcare and perfect for forest schools, nurseries, camping, festivals, the beach, gardening and several others. The company combines 30 years of care expertise and 20 years of product design and development at the highest level. Launched in August 2017, the brand has already won five prestigious industry awards and has a patent pending on its unique design. The makers of this innovative new product believe kids should just be able to get on and play and so designed a garment that is water and stain resistant and 100% breathable. The new design suits are strong and robust with reinforced needs and double seams. The suits can be worn instead of, or over everyday clothes. Uniquely, the product has a zip at the waist to connect the top and bottom forming an incredibly protective, innovative and versatile suit, but both top and bottom can be worn separately too. Breathable with an invisible Teflon™ coating that provides protection for all types of play stuffs – mud, grass, glue and paint, to name but a few. Most stains simply wipe clean. These cosy clothes keep them warm and dry with excellent shower protection and there’s even a lightweight summer version with zip off arms and legs coming soon as well as a UPF rating of 50+. The company has identified potential opportunities in the European market for its high quality, innovative products and therefore wishes to appoint distributors there. The main countries of interest are Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden.
Advantages and Innovations The garment was created by an award-winning designer who is an ex creative and design director working globally in the kid’s product sector. Collaborating with company’s child care expert, the team have created a garment that uniquely promotes independence and provides complete comfort for the serious work of child’s play. The suits are totally unique however; alternatives such as waterproof all in ones or ski suits are bulky, often not so breathable and difficult to undress, particularly with toilet training toddlers. The newly developed suits take the hassle out of all of this. The Teflon coating provides water stain and shower protection. Summarized advantages - • Lightweight and breathable • Stain & water resistant • Shower proof • The unique clothing promotes independence • Easy to adapt, can be worn separately • Machine washable & tumble dry The clothing line is primarily designed for forest schools and nurseries as there is a huge market opportunity into the retail sector for family leisure activities such as walking, camping, beach play, gardening, festivals and several others.
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Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The company is looking for distribution partners in Europe mainly in Nordic regions but would be open to discussion if there is an interest from other European regions. The potential partners should have an inherent understanding of the child’s activity clothing market. As the garment is unique it can sit along traditional ski suits and water proof all in ones, so businesses who already distribute these items would not present a conflict of interest. The business has three routes to market; - consumer, nursery & forest schools and retail. In each territory, ideally one partner would represent the brand. Our representing partner would actively seek out new opportunities, take part in both trade and consumer events and have a pro active marketing approach and would have proven track record of this. Building a strong community around the brand is paramount so a social media strategy that sought to engage and with and build the brand in the territory would be critical.
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