UK manufacturer of a range of glass viscometers for use across a number of sectors is looking for distributors across the network

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Summary The UK company that designs and produces a range of glass viscometers specialised in measuring the viscosity of petroleum products, polymers & pulp in accordance with international methods. Reported results from the measurements form part of certified product specifications worldwide, to measure the consistency and viscosity of oil. The company is seeking distributors in oil and gas sectors.
Description of the offer The family operated UK company was established over 100 years ago has been based in Essex since its foundation. The company is recognised as being specialist in designing and manufacturing viscometer products which measure the viscosity of petroleum products, polymers & pulp in accordance with international methods which include: International Organisation for Standards (ISO), Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN), ASTM International Organisation (ASTM), International Protection Marking (IP). Reported results form part of certified product specifications worldwide. The glass viscometers are mouth blown from low-expansion borosilicate glass tubing in the glassblowing workshop in Essex. The precision bore used for the capillary section is held to the close tolerance of ± 0.01mm. Glass viscometers are clearly marked with timing lines and other inscriptions as well as a unique serial number. A glass bridge is provided to give additional strength and the finished instrument is fully annealed. The company are seeking distributors who work in either the oil and gas sector or supply to that sector with the need to measure viscosity of oil with a specialist instrument of the nature the company manufactures under a distribution services agreement. The company is looking to work with and support any partners with whom it is working to ensure that a seamless service to end users is provided and will provide appropriate training at their head office base in the UK.
Advantages and Innovations The company are recognised as being experts in their field and operate the viscometer tubes that are calibrated directly against reference viscometers. The calibration is therefore only one step away from the reference value. The company is accredited to ISO 17025 and is subject to an annual audit by United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). Uncalibrated viscometers purchased from the company will need to be calibrated before they can be used. The company are able to offer this service The company is constantly innovating and has been collaborating with a local univeristy to use the viscometer glass tubes within a viscometer bath which facilitate a digitised reading and analysis of data.
Market Keywords 06001003 Drilling, completion and stimulation
06001004 Equipment and instrumentation
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought Organisation who are in the Oil and gas sector who require high calibre equirpment to measure viscosity or companies who supply to organisations in this field and are happy to operate as a distributor for the company.
Date of creation 09.05.2018
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