UK manufacturer of quality gift packaging for the food and drink market seeks distributors and agents worldwide

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Summary UK based designer and manufacturer of a range of quality gift packs, delivery boxes and bottle carriers for the craft beer, cider and food markets is looking for opportunities overseas to develop sales in these expanding markets. The company seeks to expand its activity worldwide via distribution or agency agreements with partners that have a network of existing contacts in the food and drink sector.
Description of the offer This growing UK company has designed and manufactured a quality range of gift packs, delivery boxes, transit packs, bottle carriers, and small jar and bottle packaging for a number of markets based in the food and drink sector. All packaging is designed, printed and manufactured in-house and can either be supplied as a standard size stock item or as a bespoke designed gift pack which is unique to the brand or product. With a specialism in providing gift packs for manufacturers and retailers of craft ales and ciders, the company already supplies some of the UK’s most prestigious brewers with gift packaging and delivery boxes. The company holds a competitive advantage in the market by welcoming relatively small runs of products for clients and this has helped the organisation to get a firm foothold in the food and drink packaging sector. This, combined with the high quality and robust nature of the packaging in transit, has allowed the company to quickly develop both its reputation and sales in the UK market since its inception in 2013. It currently supplies directly a large amount of UK based customers such as brewers, bottle shops, bars and microbreweries with point-of-sale and delivery boxes, as well as selling via its own website to customers both in the UK and a small amount overseas. The company is now keen to introduce its products into new markets worldwide via distribution or agency agreements with partners who ideally have an established portfolio of contacts in the craft beer, cider and food retail sector in their home territories.
Advantages and Innovations Advantages that this UK company would bring to any potential distributor or agent with its range of products are as follows: - Extremely high quality packaging, to improve the marketing impact of the retail product, resulting in increasing sales to customers - As all packaging is designed, printed and manufactured in-house this allows the company to supply customers as a ‘one-stop shop’, saving time and resource in procurement - The company is innovative in its approach, constantly developing new packaging solutions to meet customer needs - The company welcomes relatively small runs of products for clients, therefore limiting the amount of potential surplus stock for companies on limited edition gift packaging - All packaging is manufactured to be robust in nature and therefore tailor-made for exporting in all its logistical forms - The company already has some experience of exporting its products - Possibility of exclusive distribution or agency agreement for the right partner
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Comments Regarding IPR Status Worldwide trademark on company name
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Commercial Agency Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought This company ideally would like to find distributors or agents worldwide with experience of working in the craft beer, cider and food retail sector in their home territory. Potential partners will preferably have a track record of actively promoting new products into the market through tried and tested retailers in their local food and drinks market, particularly the craft beer and cider sectors. The company expects to develop long term relationships with partners that are capable of developing a healthy customer base for its products and in return will price goods in order to allow for a healthy margin for both parties.
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