UK SME that solves environmental problems seeks distributors to take advantage of a novel water management and flood prevention solution

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Summary This UK SME has developed an intelligent autonomous system for flood risk reduction, through the use of sensors, algorithms and a software interface. The system utilises untapped network capacity, to prevent or reduce property and environmental damage, pollution, surface water damage and other adverse issues. The SME are searching for distributors who have access to those responsible for flood prevention, who would like to offer and implement an innovative more efficient solution.
Description of the offer The company was founded in 2002 as a sewage and environmental health consultancy, over time building its offering to a broad range of products and services that monitor and improve water, air and environment health, quality, management processes and knowledge. The SME has developed this solution which uses sensors, algorithms and software to upgrade and automate the decision making process in the water network and infrastructure to increase capacity and reduce or prevent flood damage, in a way that deals with the increasing challenge faced by hydrologist and water infrastructure engineers when trying to reduce flood risk. The solution addressing the water management challenge created by higher water usage, population densities, constructions costs and land value making standard methods of increasing flood and water network capacity such conventional new ground works, drainage fields, sewer system and water courses etc. that lose capacity due to information gaps and the delays and errors of overly manual systems evermore impractical and expensive. The solution also acts as an intelligent, effective response to climate change, more peaked storms and flash-flooding problems. The solution does this by optimising gate controls using an algorithm which intelligently analyses local water level data and acts accordingly. The solution also limits Combined Sewer Overflow spills or manages the flows into energy intensive assets. To maximise the performance of the solution it can be integrated with sustainable drainage schemes, with the potential to significantly reduce the requirement for and footprint of new storage and attenuation schemes. To increase its access to markets, problem owners and solve the problem for people on the ground effected by flooding, The UK company would like to enter distribution service agreements with those who will benefit from delivering an improved water management system to problem owners that might include local or national governments, environmental agencies, water companies, land owners or similar organisations.
Advantages and Innovations Implementing the solution into a new or existing water infrastructure delivers the following advantages over most known alternative methods of water management in a built up urban area: -New capacity from existing infrastructure is created at low cost, or in situations where space and capital simply aren’t available. This capacity can be targeted at reducing flood-risk, environmental impact, and/or energy consumption. -The solution is up to 10 times more cost efficient than alternative capital and space intensive solutions. As the optimisation the solution provides delivers “virtual storage”, creating more capacity from the same infrastructure. -The system easily be implemented into a new or existing water management system and will typically be installed and commissioned within 2 - 30 days. -The solution avoids the disruption and years of planning of large civil engineering works required by alternatives, with minimal planning permission and ground work needed. -The solution is self-managing, reducing the day to day labour cost and human error of water management with multiple fail safes. The above advantages are possible due to the solutions technical innovations and expert implementation of artificial intelligence, autonomy, communication technologies, power efficiency, reliability and functionality which includes: -A fuzzy logic algorithm that make intelligent decisions that deal with complex changing situation in a way that out performs the human decision-making process. -Although the system operates autonomously, an online Dashboard gives visibility and system reconfiguration capability. Bluetooth can be used to connect to modules. -The system is modular and extensible, with lamp-post and in-manhole mounting, powered by solar energy or batteries. (Please note that a kiosk and mains power are required at the control site.)
Current Stage of Development The system is already on the market and delivering the claimed advantages at an implementation in Coimbra, Portugal. With a system about to go live in Toulouse, France. To further enhance the product CE and other certification tests are in progress and scheduled to be achieved by mid 2018.
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Comments Regarding IPR Status The UK SME has complete ownership and control of the solutions IP, with a patent to follow in due course. Additionally the trade secrets and know how that support the solution make it highly challenging and time consuming to replicate. Creating the solution requiring the expert collaboration of team of numerous specialist through a €3.5m Horizon 2020 project involving three universities, two water companies, two technology companies, and other specialist sub-contractors.
Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The SME are seeking ways to access problem owners responisible for protecting citizens and businesses from flood damage such as local and national governments, water companies, land or instrastructure owners/ operators. The SME believe the best way to access these problem owners will be via businesses such as civil engineers, consultants or suppliers to these problem owners and distributors with a market presence and the capability to upgrade, install or commission water infrastucture such as sewer system or water systems that can be enhanced by this solution. Due to the complexity of this solution it is envisioned that initially distrubutors will quote their prospective client for an implementation enhanced by this solution with the support of the SME for technical and other relevent details, until the distributor have enough familiarity with the solution to act fully independently.
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