Ukrainian manufacturer of furniture facades, shutters is looking for distributors of louvered doors

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Summary Ukrainian producer of wooden louvered doors, panel doors, wooden furniture fronts is looking for distributors under a distribution services agreement. It has two sub-brands: natural wooden furniture facades (raw) and the second one - colored (white). Today, there is no other manufacturer on the territory of Ukraine for such products as "louvered doors". The release of the product is provided by high demand for products made from natural wood.
Description of the offer The company produces louvered doors from 2008 and it`s the main office is situated in Lviv. At the moment the manufacturer is successfully cooperating with the network of building hypermarkets "Epicenter K" LLC, "NOVA LINIYA" LLC, "Oldi TBD", LLC "Leroy Merlin", "Budmen" LLC, as well as with stores for the sale of furniture fronts all over Ukraine. This production is exported to Georgia, Bulgaria and other countries. The company wants to have partners, who will be interested in furniture fronts, interior design or construction sector. The cooperation will be done by the distribution services agreement. The company offers to its partner: • possibility to be the exclusive dealer of products in the territory; • realization of marketing activities on the basis of the store (provision of promotional materials ); • producing goods under individual sizes; • individual approach to each order; • terms of production within 30 calendar days.
Advantages and Innovations - ecologically pure product (natural wood, pine); - free air circulation; - demarcation of the personal space without unnecessary expenses; - affordable price for a wooden product; - the possibility of painting in any color; - the facade is attached to various types of loops and sliding systems; - protect the room from direct sun rays; - standard sizes are always available; - possibility to produce individual sizes; - fast delivery. The softwood beam of the “AA” class, which does not have knots, resin pockets, blue and other defects, is used in the production of the louvered door. A unique feature of production is that in the shutters with the height 395 mm to1100 mm the sidebar (riser) is produced from a single pine bar (what essentially improves the appearance of the product, and makes it more competitive). Higher louvered doors (from 1400 mm to 2422 mm) the sidebar (riser) is produced by grafting the bar that prevents the longitudinal deformation of the shutters. Certificates: EURO 1, pfitosertificate, CT1, FSC. In addition, the environmental friendliness of raw material and competitive price of goods should be mentioned.
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Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought This furniture manufacturer is looking for distributors who will distribute products. The target group of partners may include furniture shops, designers, providers of furnishing services, individual clients etc.
Date of creation 26.04.2018
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