Ukrainian manufacturer of induction cookers is looking for partners to promote its products on the international market under distribution agreement

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Summary A Ukrainian manufacturer of induction cookers located in Dnipro city is looking for partners to promote and sell its products, particularly induction cookers and food processing equipment, on the international market under distribution agreement.
Description of the offer Ukrainian company is specialized in manufacturing of induction cookers for professional kitchens. The equipment of the company can be used in public catering establishments and in areas with no access to other sources of energy or the prohibition of their use. The company produces cookers with any number of burners with table in-built and floor-stand options. The list of products includes retractable stove hoods, industrial tables various stands and countertops, pans and induction cookers. Each cooker can be manufactured according to the size and configuration provided by the customer. All products meet the necessary standards for private and industrial cooking. The company is looking for the partner to promote its products on the international market under distribution agreement.
Advantages and Innovations • The ferromagnetic properties of the steel allow cooking in a quicker and more affordable way in induction cookers, resulting in a significant save of time and energy. • The company offers the possibility to manufacture the type of equipment the customer needs if all necessary drafts provided. • The company offers equipment made of sanitary materials easy to keep clean in order to provide hygienic food processing. • The company offers the competitive price for its products comparing to international market`s average pricing.
Technological Keywords 03004004 Electrical Engineering / Electrical Equipment
04002012 Other energy related machinery
04007 Energy efficiency
Market Keywords 03004 Electronics Related Equipment
06001004 Equipment and instrumentation
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Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought The company is looking for distributors. Potential partners should be active in kitchenware industry and should have a wide range of distribution network in its region and willing to distribute the products within their area of influence under distribution services agreement.
Date of creation 02.05.2018
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