Ukrainian manufacturer of wall mounted ceramic heating panels is looking for distributors

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Summary Experienced Ukrainian manufacturer of infrared heating systems has developed a range of wall-mounted products for home application. The heaters combine high efficiency rates with low energy consumption compared to traditional electric and gas technologies. The company is looking for partners who can help to enter to new markets and are able to distribute ceramic heating panels under distribution services agreement.
Description of the offer Ukrainian company offers infrared systems which are one of the most cost effective heating technologies currently available, These infrared systems can efficiently converting electrical energy into far infrared heat. The proposed products heat up immediately whilst having the facility to limit surface temperatures, making them suitable for care homes and nurseries, for example. They need minimal maintenance due to absence of additional medium such as water involved, they also are emission-free. Heaters are healthier to use for allergy sufferers and have almost zero energy wastage, whilst reducing consumption up to 30% compared to the cost of electricity for example. The company is looking for partners who are experienced in field of distribution of heaters. It is foreseen that partners will help to enter to new markets. Desired type of partnership considered is distribution service agreement.
Advantages and Innovations • All products are CE certified and will have five-year of warranty. • Almost zero energy wastage and emission-free. • Instant heat • Easy to install – no pipework needed and minimal installation costs. • Healthy – better for allergy sufferers, noise and odour free. • Smart – variable thermostats control heat in preferred areas. • No distributed heat losses (as found through central heating pipes) means less wasted energy.
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Type of Partnership Required Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought Ukrainian company is looking for partners who are interested in distribution services of ceramic heating panels. Desired partner should be experienced distributor of heating products in their country and have strong network of potential buyers in mentioned field and trade retail markets.
Date of creation 25.04.2018
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