Unconventional materials for toy production requested under license agreement

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Summary One of Poland top toy distributors intends to manufacture its own line of entertainment products for children. The firm requests materials to make the toys and is looking for a licensor who can provide them. They are interested not only in textiles, but in any unique, unconventional, innovative material that can be used to manufacture playthings. The material has to be safe for humans (children) - the company can help obtain necessary certificates.
Description of the offer A company from north-west Poland has been operating in the toy industry since 1997. The firm specialises in distributing brand-name product to shops in Central Europe. They also provide licensed toy figures from children movies, fairy tales or comic books. The company would like to manufacture their own line of products. To that end, they are looking for suppliers of innovative, non-regular materials and request partnership under license agreement. The firm has multiple toys in mind so it is open to any offer but requires the material is versatile (i.e. can be used for the production of various playthings) and, at the same time, safe for children. Suggestions about possible applications are also welcomed. A half liquid that turns solid if poured into water and returns to fluid state when one takes it out is a good example of the material they are looking for. A partner is expected to authorise the use of material by the firm and to provide information that is necessary to start the production. In turn, the role of the company will be to purchase the license and use supplied material to manufacture toys. They are also ready to assist in obtaining certificates confirming that material is safe for humans (children) and the environment.
Advantages and Innovations - vast market experience, including in international cooperation; - one of the largest independent toy distributors - the company has necessary resources to invest in the development of new products.
Technological Keywords 02007 Materials Technology
Market Keywords 07001003 Toys and electronic games
08001009 Speciality/performance materials: producers and fabricators
08001015 Other speciality materials
08001018 Polymer (plastics) materials
09004003 Textiles (synthetic and natural)
Type of Partnership Required License Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought Type of Partner sought: the firm is ready to cooperate with other companies, scientists and private innovators. Role of Partner sought: a partner will have to sell a licence for the use of his material and provide the company with the necessary information for that purpose. Also, suggestions regarding the application of the material (toy ideas) will be welcomed. The firm is looking for a reliable inventor or supplier of materials for toy production that are both innovative/unconventional and safe for human/children (nontoxic). Partner has to hold the IP rights for the material or be able to obtain the protection. Ideas regarding possible use of the material, although not required, will be welcomed.
Date of creation 23.03.2018
Profile type Business request
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