Windows and doors handcraft manufacturing offered; an Italian company is looking for manufacturing agreements and distribution services agreements

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Summary The Italian company is specialized in the sector of windows and doors, handcrafted production for interior furnishing for private and public clients. The company is looking for foreign architecture, design studio and builders for manufacturing agreements , and retailers for distribution services agreements. Partners can be from any country.
Description of the offer The company was founded in 2016, is located in the North-East of Italy and operates in the sector of windows and doors handcrafted production for interior furnishing, for the private and for the public sector. The production is dedicated to houses, commercial buildings and any other environment. The frame systems offered is made of various materials: polyamide, aluminum, steel, copper, and brass. The materials, production processes and paints are all eco-friendly. In particular: • The materials of which frames are made (aluminum and polyamide) are 100% recyclable and respect the environment. • The paints used are made of natural pigments, only the assembled covers are painted, the scraps are not treated. • All processing waste is easily recycled to become new materials. • Production takes place energy-saving with renewable solar energy. The company has one production site in Italy. The turnover of 2016 was around 500.000 Euro. The company is interested to get in contact with: • architecture, design studio and builders for manufacturing agreements • retailers for distribution services agreements Partners can be from any country.
Advantages and Innovations The company can offers assistance during the whole project, after-sales assistance and maintenance for every problem. The advantages of products are: • Competitive cost; • High thermal performance; • High acoustic performance; • Attractive and adaptable aesthetics for every need; • Easy maintenance; • Eco-friendly materials; • Absence of fumes of harmful substances. The manufactured windows and doors revealed excellent performances in all the laboratory tests to which they have been subjected, in particular: • Test of permeability to the average air under point 4.14 of the UNI EN 14351-1 standard and carried out in compliance with the UNI EN 12207 standard of 2000; • water tightness test carried out in compliance with UNI EN 12208 of 2000; • wind load resistance test performed in compliance with UNI EN 12211 of 2000; All products are customized according to client needs. The company can lay the window without finishes, because the window will isolate anyway. In this way the customer has the time to choose the materials and the colors of the finishes.
Technological Keywords 02007002 Building materials
Market Keywords 07004008 Other consumer products
Type of Partnership Required Manufacturing Agreement
Distribution Services Agreement
Type and Role of Partner Sought Foreign architects, designer and builders should have a large client portfolio, and experience in the field of windows and doors; type of cooperation: manufacturing agreements. Retailers should be able to assist final clients. Type of cooperation: distribution services agreements. Level of experience required from both architects/designer/builders and retailers: minimum three years.
Date of creation 18.04.2018
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